a film by Tamar Baruch
R obin is an actress, she lives in Paris with her American boyfriend Sheen.Their couple is full of love and respect for each other, they have been together for many years.
Sheen works in Advertising and also supports Robin’s quest to finally get a big role in Cinema.
In the film we follow her doing self-tapes (home-taped auditions for big International Productions).
She has repeated nightmares, after all the self-tapes sending to her Paris-and-London based Agents, in which she doubts her own talents.
Suddenly a role seems to get within her reach.
What to do?
It coincides with a long prepared voyage to a far away country with Sheen.
Will she accept the role and run the risk to lose Sheen?

Roles and Character


Tamar Baruch

A woman, simply a woman from wherever you d think she comes from, whatever age you would give her. She is an actress. She speaks English and French Strong personality, full of doubts about her own performances and talents. Independent sensitive and with a sense of humour she strives to get ’there. Almost.


Avant Sfranger

A man, a tall man, American, funny and as solid as a rock. in love with Robin. He works in Advertising. He supports Robin all the way in her quest to get ‘the role’ of her life. Not easy though, because he plays the second violin, the second role in her life.


Anais Parello

A young Spanish woman, actress as well. Robin’s best friend. Daisy helps Robin with her self-taping. She is sweet and full of life.


Ivan Cori

Max, coach for Actors, French, a great friend of Robin Daisy and Sheen.Max has the gift for coaching and self-tape directing actors. He pushes Robin to her limits. Great sense of humor and profound care for his friend Robin

Charles-Edouard Montagnac

Asto Montcho

The ‘new’ neighbour. Full of life and spontaneous.

L’Agent Julie

Manda Touré

Robin’s artistic Agent. She has a strong personality, straight to the point. Optimistic. Julie irradiates womanhood.